"Making excellence a habit"

Why call on BK Consulting? You're trying to make your organization perfect.  We know how to reduce human error by harnessing your company's experience into focused, proven processes 

Reducing human error is what we're all up against.  We've tried every approach.  New safety focus.  Leadership classes.  More and more of your company training dollars are being spent when the shelf life for most classes, particularly leadership, teambuilding and the like, is about 2-4 weeks.  After that time, your people revert back to what's familiar, what's comfortable and what's setting up more human error.  We do more than just develop teamwork.  We know what it takes to align that team around a goal.  Our process development experts know where to look to harness the right experience, while recognizing where to put the right safeguards and procedures that will be the key to improving your company's bottom line.  BK Consulting is leveraging almost 30 years of leadership experience in arguably the most diverse human environments under the most demanding operational conditions.  BK Consulting will help you clearly articulate your goals, develop plans, improve your communications with your team and simplify your execution by developing consistent methodologies.  Utilizing a dynamic improvement model, BK Consulting will help establish a execution analysis process and a formal method for identifying and incorporating lessons learned with the ultimate goal of saving you revenue lost due to human error.

BK Consulting will help your executives, your middle managers and your team leaders identify personal styles and capabilities to improve team cohesiveness.  We teach effective communications skills, operational leadership techniques and critical planning skills that will allow your leaders at all levels to improve profitability.

Whether your a fresh start company looking to establish a baseline for your processes or a long standing Fortune 500 looking to streamline operations and get the most out of your people, BK Consulting has the answer.

BK Consulting specializes in eliminating down time caused by preventable human errors.  We reduce redundancies and maximize efficiencies gained through standard processes and procedures.

Our team has demonstrated successful leadership in high risk, high reliability environments and has been successful in saving money by reducing down time, preventing injury and saving operating dollars to improve the bottom line.  We will work with you to meet your business goals.

Law enforcement, oil and gas, construction and manufacturing.  Every industry can improve profits by developing an effective team and through the development of standard processes and procedures, improve the bottom line by eliminating human error.

Leaders who have achieved operational excellence in high stress environments with diverse teams and objectives.

Building teamwork, streamlining operations, developing efficient and repeatable procedures.  Consistent processes yield consistent results.

Tried and true methods will produce consistent, repeatable behaviors and results.  Combat tested in high operational tempo environments.